We are a strategic advisory firm serving enterprises and other organizations worldwide

Senior executives call upon us when they need a capable, experienced and trusted advisor to intervene on a specific matter discretely, fast, and in a focused way. For example, to assess the attractiveness of a market opportunity, to align the company’s operating model with its strategy, or to detail the design of the organization. Our mission is to produce a relevant and intelligent perspective on the real issues and alternative solutions, thus enabling effective executive decision-making.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Listen

We listen

We listen. To the parties whose knowledge, insights and opinions should inform the executive’s decision. To those who will have to implement it. And to those who will be impacted by it.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Challenge

We challenge

We challenge the arguments brought forward. In terms of their true relevance, their depth and completeness, the quality of the evidence, and the logic that binds them together.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Enrich

We enrich

We enrich the issues raised and the emerging solutions. By adding pertinent facts, mobilizing genuine experts, and bringing to bear our in-depth knowledge and experience.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Structure

We structure

We structure our findings into a convincing storyline. Lucid, nuanced, actionable. And enabling the executive to persuade their Board, management team or other stakeholders.

Effective decision-making