How we work

We act as a skillful, energizing yet unassuming counselor. We support internal client teams and enable their leaders to deliver high-quality and timely results. Their success is ours. For example, when developing a company vision, or when re-thinking a business process after a merger, or when driving forward a transformation program.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Planning


Allocate tasks as a function of the nature and complexity of the issue, the timelines and available resources, and align with decision-makers.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Teaming


Mobilize talents, clarify expectations, set goals, motivate and develop team members, manage conflict, and enjoy work.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Content creation

Content creation

Analyze the issue, gather evidence through field and desk work, consider options, and conceptualize the conclusions.

Akordeon Strategy Consultancing - Communications


Identify the stakeholders, manage expectations, facilitate alignment, deliver a convincing story, and get feedback.

Successful project delivery